Reviews is the most effective form of advertising. Consumers are looking for an opinion when they search for a service or product online. They want to see what others have said about your business and if others have been happy with their experience. That's why reviews are one of the most important  forms of content you can get for your business.

In fact, over 88% of turn to online reviews prior visiting or using a business, most of whom trust the reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Reviews build trust

In today's world, credibility is everything. The more people believe in something, the stronger its effect on their decision-making. If you want people to notice how good your company is — and how happy your customers are — this is one way to do it. The power of a customer reviews comes from social proof– the more people who believe in a brand, the more powerful its influence will be.

Let your happy customers speak for you

There are many ways in which reviews can help your business succeed. New customers often know little about your business and may have preconceived notions about it. Reviews can correct these misconceptions and help establish a positive image of your business in the eyes of prospective customers.

If you are selling a service or product, a review from a happy customer can be extremely powerful.

Reviews increase the conversion rate

Selling something is hard. Getting people to believe in and buy in what you're offering can be nearly impossible without reviews. Reviews can be the deciding factor between buying a product or not. They give credibility to your position and ease concerns about whether customers will buy what you have to offer. A review from someone who has bought from or used your service can be very persuasive when used in conversation with potential customers. People buy from people. If past customers are happy, you will be influenced by their happiness, and choose to buy it too.

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Reviews bring customers closer to you

Great reviews can build a very positive relationship with your customers. Trust is earned, not given! When someone uses your product or service, they expect to benefit from it, and this experience helps them decide if you are the perfect partner for their needs. Your customers will remember how happy they were when first using your product.

Reviews build your brand and word of mouth

These days, reviews are more valuable than ever. People trust online reviews more than any other kind of advertising. Reviews can take months or years to curate, but they cost you nothing compared to paid ads. A review is more credible than a paid ad, and it can help your business sell more. If you want people to believe in you and your product – to spread the word – then you need to build it with reviews. As a result, many customers choose to trust reviews over other sources when seeking guidance or selecting a product or service.