Can we get more reviews? So when people search for us they'll see, Oh, lots of people have used them and had a great experience.

☝️ That’s the question Luke asked himself before he started using Flytree.

Luke knew they were missing out on a huge opportunity to leverage word of mouth marketing.

Customers were having a great experience but nobody else knew about it. We were looking to convert this offline experiences to written reviews and have people see them online.

Reducing friction in leaving reviews

For Luke, his ultimate goal with Flytree was to reduce the friction for customers to leave a review.

For years, the team was asking for reviews once a job was completed and following up with customers a few days as part of their work flow. It's a lot of work for one person to do manually. The effort was less than ideal and resulted in inconsistent responses and results.

Once Luke started using Flytree, he noticed his reviews were taking off. He was able to streamline and remove friction from customers leaving a review after a job.

It’s been really exciting for the team to see their hard work paying off when a happy customer leaves a review. Not only does Flytree automate and cut down the time getting reviews but also is is a great experience for our customers to write a review.
one of the many awesome reviews they have

Driving success with reviews

Through reviews, Gaschill saw an increase of 20% in sales in a short space of 3 months. Luke attributes this to the level of trust established when a potential customer Google's Gaschill or land on their website.