We are Qivin and Johan, the co-founders of Flytree. We are based in Melbourne, building a simple yet powerful tool to help local businesses collect hundreds of reviews from their happy customers.

Why we are building Flytree?

There is no question that the world skipped a few years into the future and compressed years of digital transformation into months. Local businesses are realising that digitalisation is no longer an option but a matter of survival. Many can't keep up and are not getting enough help.

And thats NOT ok.

They need a simple yet powerful online tool to grow their business and that is why we are here. We're on a mission to help local businesses be digitally connected and thrive in the new normal. There's no stopping who is enabled by the right tools, technology and people.

It's a big mission but everyone needs to start from somewhere. So we decided to solve a problem that doesn't require us to build a rocket ship from the get go but positively impacts local businesses.

Reviews allow happy customers to draw in new business, increasing their value from a repeat customer to that of an advocate (or "fan") of your brand. It also helps customers shop with confidence and earn their trust before the conversation even starts.

The majority of local businesses have plenty of happy customers but only a handful were leaving reviews. Many businesses have the perception, "if we do well, people will leave us a review and tell their friends about us".

Well, unfortunately, it does not always work that way.

That is why our first stop is building a platform where it's the easiest way for local businesses to get more reviews and grow their business.

How are we finding it?

We've come a long way but we've got a lot yet to learn. We think what weve done with Flytree so far is a great start, and its truly helping businesses because theyve told us as much but we've got more in store to continue to push us forward. Since our first version we've been spending time talking to our users, understanding how they are using our platform and most importantly on how to build a better product for them. We're in the midst of an update so stay tuned!

Final thoughts

Talking to users is a necessary step in building a great product. If youre waiting on your users to contact you, its too late.

Follow our journey

Through this blog, we plan to document our journey, lessons learnt as well as findings along the way. We would love you to keep in touch, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]

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